Bev Segesdy

Bev Segesdy

Quality Manager

I always describe my job as the icing on the cake! Hearing about and seeing all the outstanding support we provide to people we support and their families makes me feel so proud to work for Style Acre. I enjoy visiting people and finding out what Style Acre does well, and what we can improve on.

A big part of my role is to work with people across the organisation to collect and evidence examples of outstanding to present to the Care Quality Commission. I also carry out audits, work with people we support, families and staff to look at the overall quality of what we do. I am always looking for inclusive ways in which everyone at Style Acre can be involved, such as The Ways to Wellness initiative.

I first started working for Style Acre as a student in the residential house in Brightwell Cum Sotwell in 1996. I have built many long, lasting relationships with the people who lived there and their families. I have enjoyed seeing how people have flourished in the community and played a part of the move from residential care to supported living.

After this, I went off to study, travel and work in various posts across Oxfordshire. In my last role I worked as a Care Manager for Oxfordshire County Council and gained a lot of experience from visiting different providers across the county and understanding what really good quality looks like. I have always believed in what Style Acre do and jumped at the chance of working for them again in my current role.