Environmental friendly bio-degradable medal for sponsored challenge events
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Make your event more sustainable with the Style Acre biodegradable medals. Give back to the environment and help support our social enterprise which gives valuable work experience to the people we support.

The Style Acre medals are 100% biodegradable and once you are finished with them you can plant and grow wild flowers for our pollinators.

On the hunt for environmentally friendly medals for our Santa Dash we came across Earth Runs who through social enterprises make the greenest medal you can find.

We loved the concept so much; we made contact and through funding were able to set up our own medal making social enterprise to sell medals independently and through Earth Runs.

About the Medals

  • Handmade from 100% recycled paper and card.
  • The image is printed on 100% biodegradable materials.
  • The ribbon is 100% sustainable, biodegradable plant based Tencel.
  • Every medal is filled with wildflower seeds, so when they are finished with, they can be planted which help the bees too!

Each medal is handmade and each one is unique.