Style Acre’s Gardening Social Enterprise nurtured by Root One Garden Centre

Green Acre Garden Maintenance, a social enterprise run by Style Acre, a local charity based in Wallingford who support adults with learning disabilities and autism in Oxfordshire is happy to show off its new van, funded with a donation from Root One Garden Centre. The new van will allow the Green Acre team to be able to carry on working in gardens of those living in the local area.

Green Acre is a social enterprise that was established to provide work opportunities and training for people with learning disabilities and autism. They are trained by a dedicated Gardening Co-ordinator along with support workers who teach them how to work in a professional environment, using tools and garden machinery and work as part of a team.

Root One Garden Centre has supported Style Acre for a number of years now, recognising not just the need to back local charities but also the place that gardening can have in helping people themselves grow. It can give a sense of purpose and achievement, whilst helping to learn new skills and connect with nature.

“Root One kindly donated to us enough money to purchase the van” expressed Jo Whitaker, Social Enterprise Manager for Style Acre “They have been extremely supportive of Green Acre, from advertising our garden business, to helping us to recycle Christmas trees and we are extremely grateful for their support”.

With Root One’s ongoing support, it is hoped that Green Acre Garden Maintenance will continue to bloom giving further opportunities for training and work placements for local people whilst carrying out works to improve the look of our community surroundings.