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Organise an Event

Would you like to organise an event and fundraise for Style Acre? Not sure where to start? Here are some helpful tips and ideas.

  • Choose the activity/event you would like to organise.
  • Get people involved from the start, fundraising with others is much more fun, you can share the load and it will reduce the stress of organising an event on your own.
  • Set a budget, date and target, this will help keep you motivated and gives you a sense of achievement. Avoid times when people are working, or that clashes with bigger events.
  • Find a venue, consider things like, is it waterproof, is the location easy to find, it’s capacity etc.
  • Keep it legal by checking the venue has public liability insurance. Do risk assessments. Apply for licenses (alcohol, gambling.)
  • Ask, don’t feel embarrassed to ask local businesses etc to help, donate prizes, sponsor the event, do things for free.
  • Advertise by getting the word out about the event in plenty of time. Put up posters, banners (get permission) advertise on social media.
  • Don’t’ forget to thank everyone after the event who helped, donated or gave money. Don’t stop fundraising, 20% of donations come in after the event.
  • Get in touch with our fundraising team, if we can attend the event we will, but if not we would love to hear all about it and see lots of photo’s.

For more help with your fundraising please download our fundraising pack. (coming soon)

Fundraising Ideas

Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas of events/activities you could organise.

  • Christmas craft fair
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Quiz night
  • Raffle
  • Gaming challenge
  • Virtual Balloon Race
  • Bucket collection
  • Cake Sale
  • Festival

Get in Touch

Don’t forget, we would love to hear about the fundraising you are doing. We are always here to help you if you have any problems or questions, or are unsure how to get things started.