Ways to Wellness

At Style Acre, we are in the business of caring. We really care about the mental and physical health of every person we support and all of our employees and volunteers. Leading a healthy lifestyle and the benefits that this can bring are key elements to a person’s overall happiness and wellbeing. People can commit to improving their health and wellbeing with support from the Ways to Wellness Programme.

People with learning disabilities and autism have been particularly vulnerable during the pandemic. Longer term effects on the mental and physical wellbeing of people we support are starting to become apparent. Our Ways to Wellness programme brings health and happiness to the forefront in a fun and accessible way, and helps people to find information, advice and help.

What does Way to Wellness do?

We focus the Ways to Wellness programme on four key categories to help people improve their overall wellbeing.

Grow: by learning skills to develop as a person and enjoying therapeutic hobbies

Move: by getting active through sports, dance and other activities

Nourish: by caring for yourself and enjoying the benefits of a healthy lifestyle

Connect: by reaching out, giving back and working together to build and maintain relationships

The Ways to Wellness Quiz will help you to discover if you are a Grower, Mover, Nourisher or Connector! People we support have been completing the quiz to find out which Ways to Wellness Categories they feel most confident with. People can then try activities from other categories too.

Our group of Ways to Wellness Stars do lots to improve health and happiness in themselves and others. These are people that have shown a commitment to becoming physically and emotionally healthier and inspire others to do the same.

Each month people join in activities with that month’s Ways to Wellness theme. People enjoy the themes as they promote fun with exercise and getting active, learning new skills, connecting with other people and healthy eating.

January Ways to Wellness Pack – Beautiful Birds (external)

There are lots of things going on in these four categories!

What we are doing:

  • People are taking part in our challenge events and being supported to undertake daily exercise so they can keep moving and commit to goals to increase their activity levels.
  • We are buddying people up with volunteers so they can build a new friendship, feel more connected and more motivated to achieve their wellbeing goals.
  • People are taking part in healthy eating cooking sessions on Zoom and sharing healthy recipes and meal plans so they can keep their bodies well nourished.
  • Mindful moments, relaxation and emotional wellbeing are being promoted across the organisation so people can feel less anxious and improve their mental health.
  • People are taking part in remote courses and online activities  at home or in one of our community hubs so they can develop their skills and hobbies.
  • People are growing their own veg and sensory plants in their garden or their VegTrug so they can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of gardening.
  • We are running monthly wellbeing themes and activity sessions so people can keep motivated and happy.
  • A new wildlife gardening project has helped people learn about the benefits of nature while connecting with the environment.
  • Mental Health First Aid training has been introduced for staff so we can ensure the organisation is better equipped to support people and employees with their mental health needs.


  • Walking groups will be relaunched from our community hubs so people can enjoy the benefits of getting moving with others.
  • Walk leader training will be re-introduced so people can grow their skills and enjoy taking others for guided walks.
  • An accessible walks booklet and online resource will be compiled, full of the favourite walks of people we support

Helping people we support commit to improving their health

People we support can make commitments to improve their overall wellbeing. We will support people to achieve their goals wherever possible. The commitments should be measurable to keep track of progress along the way. We can also help people to buddy up to encourage and support each other on this journey. We welcome input from families to support these commitments.


Join in with the fun! Become a Volunteer Wellbeing Buddy, join our Ways to Wellness Project Team or help out with events and activities. There are plenty of ways to get involved! Find out more information and apply here.