Ways to Wellness

At Style Acre, we are in the business of caring and we really care about the mental and physical health of every person we support and all of our employees and volunteers. We believe that leading a healthy lifestyle and the benefits that this can bring are key elements to a person’s overall happiness and wellbeing. Our Ways to Wellness Programme enables people to commit to improving their health and wellbeing.

Ways to Wellness and Covid-19

People with learning disabilities and autism are particularly vulnerable during this pandemic. We must ensure people are supported both emotionally and physically throughout – both right now and also as things progress. Longer term effects on the mental and physical wellbeing of people we support are starting to become apparent. It is essential that we now develop our Ways to Wellness Programme in light of Covid-19.

Thank you to everyone who helped raise over £10,000 so that people can become healthier and happier through the Programme. Read more here!

How we are developing our Ways to Wellness Programme

We are developing Ways to Wellness around four key themes – Grow, Move, Connect and Nourish.

  • People are taking part in our challenge events and being supported to undertake daily exercise so they can keep motivated and commit to goals to increase their activity levels.
  • People are taking part in competitions and fun-packed home-based activities so they can stay as positive as possible by having new things to keep occupied and look forward to.
  • We will help people commit to and monitor their wellbeing goals so they can improve their physical and mental health.
  • We will increase wellbeing activities and events, with the aim of introducing 5 new activities and/or events this year.
  • We will introduce Mental Health First Aid training for staff so we can ensure the organisation is better equipped to support people and employees with mental health needs.

Helping people we support commit to improving their health

People we support can make commitments to improve their overall wellbeing. We will support people to achieve their goals wherever possible. The commitments should be measurable to keep track of progress along the way. We can also help people to buddy up to encourage and support each other on this journey. We welcome input from families to support these commitments.

Make your commitment today!

Our Ways to Wellness programme is aimed at people we support and staff, but we want to encourage as many people in our community to join in as possible – so whether you are a volunteer, a family member, a supporter or somebody who lives or works near us, please tell us how you would like to be healthier too!

Please contact us if you would like to learn more.