Community Support

People with learning disabilities and autism access community support to live more independently and develop a daily routine. Support teams help people to become more motivated, less isolated and improve their overall wellbeing.

We have two community support and outreach services – in Wallingford & Didcot and Thame. We are also able to offer community support and outreach through our SABRe community hub.

Wallingford & Didcot Community Support

People have support to help them put in place a successful daily routine to enable them to live more independently. This can include motivational support with daily chores, shopping, cooking, learning new skills and encouraging people to get dressed and washed every day. Some people also like help with developing or managing relationships and friendships and getting work experience and placements. It’s a vital service for many people who would otherwise be isolated in their community and may struggle to stay motivated or create a positive daily routine.

“I like Style Acre because it offers me the opportunities to try new things and it helped me to get a job. My support helps me by showing me new skills to increase my independence, going shopping, staff spend social time with me and support me to meet new people.” Anup

Support is offered in 3 hour blocks as a minimum and is available Monday-Friday. If you or someone you know is interested in being supported, we currently have scope to offer support to more people. Please complete our referrals form or contact Hannah Wolstenholme for an informal chat.

“Nobody has support every day but support enables everyday routine.”

Thame Outreach

In Thame and the surrounding area, people with learning disabilities and autism have 1-2-1 support so they can get the most from their local community and reduce their isolation. Many people choose to have support with things like ‘life admin’ such as banking, shopping and appointments. Others choose support for social reasons – to enjoy walks with someone else, take part in leisure activities and to become less isolated in their community. Some people also have support with home-based tasks such as cooking.

Support hours are varied, from as little as 2 hours support per week. Some people have support once per week and others up to three times per week.

Mark says: “I like Style Acre/ Thame Outreach because they help me cook a warm tasty meal and we have fun doing the music quizzes.”

If you or someone you know is interested in support, please complete our referrals form or contact Hannah Wolstenholme, Operations Manager.