Ways to Wellness

At Style Acre the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and the benefits this can bring are seen as key elements to people’s happiness and wellbeing.  We are in the business of caring and we really care about the health of all people we support and our employees.

We are asking that everyone is supported to make two commitments to improve their health and well-being. Style Acre will help along the way as much as possible. Your commitments should be measurable, so you can keep a track of your progress along the way. We would like to help people to buddy up to encourage and support each other on this journey.

Make your commitment today using the form below! 

Whilst our Ways to Wellness campaign is aimed at people we support and staff, we would love to encourage as many people in our community to join in as possible – so whether you are a volunteer, a family member, a supporter or somebody who lives or works near us, please tell us how you’d like to be healthier!

We welcome input from families to support these commitments and would love all  friends of Style Acre to get involved too!

Ways to Wellness