Month: July 2020

Miles & Smiles!

Our My Marathon, My Way challenge in May was so successful we clocked up a total of 4,485 miles, taking us all the way to Oxford in Ohio! We have now set ourselves the challenge of getting home again, but we thought we would have some fun along the way, visit some new places and learn about different cultures!

Our first destination is The Bahamas, which is 1,087 miles away. People we support and staff will be logging their miles, and the activities that make them smile to get us there – and once we reach our destination we’ll have a big old celebration before we travel onwards!

Join us and help us get there! All you need to do is log your activity on the Miles & Smiles link – either daily, weekly or as and when you do things.

Please just email us at to let us know you are joining in, so we have contact details to keep in touch with you about the challenge.