Style Acre has three day hubs in Wallingford, Didcot and Banbury and a market garden in Wantage, supporting over 180 adults with a learning disability or autism.  Each offer a broad range of leisure and developmental activities, designed to encourage people to realise their potential. Our person-centred ethos focuses on fostering and nurturing individuals’ self-worth and staff work to empower  people to make informed choices and be involved in decisions affecting their service. People are supported to take part in our Work Programme and build their social networks both within the learning disability and wider communities.

We  offer assessment, diagnosis and intervention for those with communication difficulties and help people access technologies that will help their communication and increase their independence.

Contact Rob Edmonds-Seal, Day Opportunities Director for specific enquiries.

  • Turnstyle – Wallingford

  • T2 – Didcot

  • SABRe – Banbury

  • Gardening Project