Style Acre enables nearly 95 people to live successfully in 35 homes, with peers or with family across Oxfordshire. The people we support range from those with complex learning, health and/or physical disabilities needing 24 hour care, to those who need only a few hours per week.

Our services are designed around the needs and wishes of the individual and people are helped to plan their lives and make decisions, with as much support as necessary. We encourage people to take part in a wide range of community activities and to develop friendships. We run regular service user groups so that services are informed by the people who use them.

Before we begin to support someone, we spend time with them and their family (when possible) to ensure we have all the information we need. We find out what is important to and for the person and create a person-centred plan which details how they want to be supported. It also helps us to understand the person’s social, health, educational and leisure needs and is an essential means of making sure we know how they want to live their life. Our staff are well trained in communication and have the support of our speech and language therapists, who help staff develop communication passports for people we support and train support staff in total communication, intensive interaction and Makaton.  Our therapists also work with individuals to ensure their support team knows how to interact with them and help their views to be heard.

People in supported living can attend Style Acre day hubs, which provide stimulating and varied leisure and developmental activities.

If you would like to talk to us about our services, please contact Ben Lanes, Director of Operations.