We rely on the support of individuals, organisations, companies and Trusts to help us fund major new services in including T2, the Tea Room,  SABRe and our Market Garden, as well as our unique Work Programme. Expensive and specialist sessions like Rebound Therapy and drumming are also funded by our supportive community.  However, now more than ever, with government cuts taking effect, we fundraise to supplement our day services. If you can help us in our fundraising, please get in touch at community@styleacre.org.uk 


Over the last year we have put on lots of exciting events. We have set up Wallingford’s annual Santa Dash which has really brought the community together. We have organised sponsored dog-friendly walks culminating in breakfast at our fabulous tearoom, had places for runners at the London and Oxford Half marathons, have put on an abseil, a dragon boat race and sky-dives, tearoom fetes, black-tie Balls and high teas –  where we have showcased the wonderful talent of people we support, put on Style Acre tea room fetes and more.  Check out our upcoming events page or get in touch if you would like to put on your own event or take part in a challenge. We will support you all the way, helping you raise funds and publicity – we have t-shirts, running vests, buckets, banners and lots of enthusiasm!

Make a donation

A donation helps us enormously and a regular monthly donation is especially helpful in enabling us to plan ahead. This is really easy to organise online by clicking here. Many people like to ask their friends and family to make a donation to charity instead of a birthday or anniversary gift, or a ‘thank you’ – and again, you can direct people to our donation page here.

Style Acre is very grateful to those who have chosen to remember us in their will. This has enabled us to develop large projects that we would otherwise not have been able to do; we were able to purchase our site at SABRe this way and we soon hope to buy a holiday home for people we support. We are also moved by the generosity of our supporters who donate to Style Acre in memory of a loved one. If you like to speak to us about supporting Style Acre this way, please contact Anita.

A tax free way to support is through payroll giving.  It enables anyone who pays UK income tax to give regularly and tax free, deducted from your pay. It is easy for your finance department to set up and means you actually give less than we receive; for example, if you donate £5 monthly to Style Acre, your employer will deduct £4 from your taxed salary. Style Acre however, will receive the before tax amount – £5.00.  Click here to find out more. Talk to your finance department or get in touch with us to set this up for you.

Organisations, clubs and schools

We are lucky to the have the support of local organisations and schools, which provide a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness about our important work.

We have been the Thames Run chosen charity for a number of years, and this is an opportunity for people we support to volunteer – marshalling and handing out medals. Wallingford PCC’s ongoing support enabled us to revamp our sensory room, build a sensory garden, pay for drumming sessions for a year and contribute towards the costs of delivery Rebound Therapy featured in this video. As Moulesford School’s Charity of the Year, our Ambassadors had an opportunity to speak to pupils about their lives, hopefully making a life-long impact. Local festivals, like the Wallingford Beer and Blues and BrightFest have been a wonderful opportunity for our guys to be involved and feel part of their community.

Our Ambassadors – people we support who like to represent Style Acre – love the opportunity to speak about living with a learning disability, our work and what Style Acre means to them. We work hard to create a great partnership with supporting organisations by providing volunteers at events, raising media awareness, inviting people to visit our day hubs and provide opportunities for members to volunteer if they wish.  Please consider Style Acre for your organisation, club or school – contact us here.

Company support

We are keen to work in partnership with companies and are convinced we are a great organisation to work with!  We want to make your experience really positive and one were you can demonstrate your CSR and the breadth of your involvement with an important charity.

Our Style Acre Ambassadors and like the opportunity to talk about their experiences, and would be pleased to come to your company with our fundraiser.  Building a good company relationship involves familiarisation, and it is important that we provide real opportunities for employees to get involved with our guys – to visit, to volunteer, to get involved with fundraising events and challenges. Your company can also provide an opportunity for someone we support to gain work experience at your company – be it for an hour or two a week for a short period of time or on an ongoing basis. Company staff tell us that this has been one of the most rewarding aspects of the relationship, that they believe they get more out of it than the person we support. And it is a nice story to tell the world! We have good online and offline media contacts and work hard to raise awareness about our company supporters. We also provide event sponsorship opportunities.

If we can be your Charity of the Year, we will help you build a dynamic calendar and help you measure its success afterwards. If your company would like to make a donation, put on an event, or match the gifts of employees who fundraise for us, please get in touch – we’re good at this!

Trusts and Foundations

We are very grateful for the support of Trusts & Foundations, which help us to continue and develop our work, supporting our Work Programme, day services, communication equipment, as well as providing major funding to our important capital projects, which have enabled us to reach more vulnerable people than we otherwise could have.  We are currently seeking funding for a Garden Coordinator and a much needed multi-use vehicle. If you are from a grant making trust and believe we fit your funding criteria, we would very much like to discuss our projects and submit an application. Please contact Sarah Massey, our Trust Fundraiser, who will be pleased to speak with you further.