People we support can access specialist Speech & Language Therapy to help aid their communication. Style Acre promotes an Inclusive Communication approach so that all employees use the communication method most meaningful to the people they support, whether it be through signing, or using objects, social stories or visual resources.

Active Support ensures support team members understand how to do things with people, rather than for them. All support workers undertake communication training. This training shows how communication difficulties can impact on people’s daily lives, and teaches people how to use vital communication tools with those they are supporting.

Our Speech & Language Therapist works closely with our IT Manager to help people we support communicate through the use of IT and Technology for Independence aids. People take part in an assessment to identify appropriate IT and communication tools to help enhance their everyday activities.

People are supported to develop their IT skills and can participate in groups such as computer club and a Makaton group. Specialist technology and communication aids are provided wherever possible; we often need to fundraise to purchase this specialist equipment.

For further information please contact Michelle Staniforth – Speech and Language Therapist or Keith Thornton – IT Manager.