Ways to Wellness Relaunch

Ways to Wellness Wellbeing Themes

To ensure that people have the best opportunities to improve their mental and physical wellbeing, Style Acre’s Ways to Wellness programme is being developed!

This includes four new Wellness Categories – Grow, Move Nourish and Connect so people can make conscious choices to improve their overall wellbeing in their daily lives.

GROW – by learning skills to develop as a person and enjoying therapeutic hobbies

MOVE – by getting active through sports, dance and other activities

NOURISH – by caring for yourself and enjoying the benefits of a healthy lifestyle

CONNECT – by reaching out, giving back and working together to build and maintain relationships

Watch this space for more updates on Ways to Wellness! And in the meantime, try out the fun new quiz to learn more about the four Wellness Categories!

Are you a Grower, Mover, Nourisher or Connector?  Try our Ways to Wellness Quiz to find out! Maybe you’re more than one!

The idea of the quiz is to help you understand which Wellness Category (Grow, Move, Nourish or Connect) you enjoy most and are most skilled at.  So when you’re doing an activity, you can start thinking which Wellness Category that activity belongs to and hopefully try activities in different areas too!

Click the quiz to try it out!

If you would like to let us know whether you are a Grower, Mover, Nourisher or Connector, we’d love to hear from you! You can email us at: community@styleacre.org.uk

We also have lots of volunteer opportunities to get more involved with our Ways to Wellness Programme. Find out more here!