Keith Thornton

IT Manager, Project Manager (Technology for Independence)

I have worked in the IT industry all my working life, first joining a large American corporate from college, where I soon worked my way up through the Operations department on both mainframe and mini computers. I became an analyst programmer before moving to be a systems programmer. Leaving the company to join a large Supermarket chain, I was part of a team responsible for the continued development of productivity and it was here when personal computers began to arrive on the market – I was tasked with reviewing, buying in and supporting the equipment throughout the company. I have worked for a number of companies as their IT Manager since then.

I joined Style Acre in May 2012 to manage IT and develop the Technology for Independence project, assessing individuals and then recommending appropriate technology which would provide more independence, and thus enhancing their lives. It’s very rewarding being able to watch someone do something that they’ve previously never been able to do, knowing that you have helped achieve that. Style Acre has been like a breath of fresh air for me and whilst still developing and maintaining the IT structure, the family environment at Style Acre will always be prominent in whatever I am asked to do.

My hobbies include football, skiing, helping others and believe it or not – computers!