Oxford Brookes students applaud our team for outstanding placement experience

We were delighted to have received an Oxford Brookes University student nomination for an outstanding placement experience and inclusion in to the ‘Celebrating Excellence in Practice Education 2023’ booklet.

The messages of appreciation that students submitted to the university between June 2021 and April 2023 have been collected into a new booklet ‘Celebrating Excellence in Practice Education 2023’ and we received the following thanks from the university. To all of you and your staff who provide placements, we would like to say a huge “thank you” for making the placements you provide so successful. For any student to be so motivated by their placement experience as to submit a nomination speaks volumes about their high regard and appreciation for their time with you.

As we all look to the future to develop a talented and sustainable workforce that will thrive, we are impressed by the great examples of collaborative working we see from our placement providers. Your shared passion for shaping our healthcare and Social Work students enables us all to support them to become the best professionals that they can be. Knowledge, understanding, care, compassion and adaptability are abundant in placements for all programmes, and we applaud the dedication that is put into student placement experiences on a daily basis.

The nomination received was from a student whose work placement was at our Day Hub ‘T2’ in Didcot. We received some amazing feedback around the team, the support we give to people we support and the time and support we give to student placements to help them learn and gain valuable experience.

“I learnt about Oxfordshire, learning disabilities, autism, societal challenges, promoting independence, the power of positivity and how to implement my academic knowledge into practice. The placement was dynamic, flexible and were understanding towards my learning needs… Overall, it was a very encouraging and supportive environment for me to learn in and I learnt a lot from
having my placement there.”