Kitchen extension and refurbishment work start at the Tea Room

We are so excited to see the foundations being laid for the Tea Room extension and refurbishment.

The fundraising team have been really busy over the past year generating income to fund a tearoom extension and refurb project which started this month and we can’t believe the foundations are in already!

We are increasing the size of our kitchen area, to make it more accessible and to enable us to provide more working opportunities for adults with learning disabilities and autism. We are also moving our existing toilet and adding a much larger more accessible toilet.

On November 1st we will be closing our tearoom for up to 4 weeks to connect the old building with the new and to refurbish our front of house area and put in a new floor.

The people we support and all the team as excited at the thought of our new shiny kitchen and we cannot wait to open our doors again in December to welcome all our customers back.