Healthy Hearts in Banbury

This week we launched our new Healthy Hearts project in Banbury!

Over the next six months we will be learning more about how to keep your heart (and body and mind) healthy, with a focus on physical activity and healthy eating.

The project has been funded by Public Health through Oxfordshire Community Foundation, and we are excited to be working with local partners such as Cherwell District Council and Achieve Oxfordshire to deliver workshops, activity taster sessions, staff training and more, culminating in a big Healthy Hearts February celebration at the end!

Today we:

  • decorated our own Healthy Hearts folders and filled them with activity trackers and leaflets from the British Heart Foundation
  • talked about our fruit & veg consumption and how much exercise we do
  • discussed our health goals and introduced action plan templates
  • learnt more about the traffic light system for sugar, salt and fat
  • planned our Healthy Hearts wall

The trackers are available to download and print, please let us know if they are helpful!

Healthy Hearts – Tracker 1 (veg & exercise)

Healthy Hearts – Tracker 2 (habits)