Focus on Healthy Eating with Achieve Oxfordshire

As part of our Healthy Hearts project, we are really pleased to have linked up with Achieve Oxfordshire to help the people we support to make healthy food and drink choices.

Last week Achieve Oxfordshire delivered an online training session for the people we employ, giving us some helpful messages, tips and links to resources to help people to make healthy choices.

Some of the key messages were:

  • It’s all about small changes – the best diet is the one with the most nutrients that is sustainable for the individual
  • It’s not about perfection, aiming for 1% better every day can be a really effective approach
  • Snacking is a good thing, but it’s about choosing the right things to snack on
  • Food labels are tricky, the best way to follow a healthy diet is to use the Eat Well Plate
  • Resources such as the hand size portion size images and hunger & fullness wheel can be really helpful

We are looking forward to building on this training and the partnership with Achieve Oxfordshire going forward.