7th December onwards – Wallingford Gnome Hunt!

Wallingford Gnome Hunt

There are nine naughty gnomes hiding in shop windows around Wallingford, with festive jokes they can’t wait to share with you!

Can you find them all? Fill in the details on the sheet (you can print it off here, or pick one up from our charity shop in Wallingford) and send them back to us 🙂

These gnomes have been lovingly painted and named by the guys at our T2 Didcot Community Hub.

Have Fun!


One naughty gnome has gone to an old place to post some letters
Another naughty gnome is hiding in a shop that sounds like a number one book
One of them needs some new elf boots, perhaps a pair
One has a sweet tooth
Another gnome is buying clothes that rhyme
One is in a shop with high definition initials
One is a bit of a bookworm
Another naughty gnome likes to keep close to home 🙂
And the final naughty gnome is stocking up on supplies in a buzzing new shop!

Gnome hunt sheet