Guess My Name Competition

We’ve found an Easter Lamb walking around Howbery Park and it is looking for a home!

If you would like to win the lamb all you need to do is guess its name, using the clues we give you. The competition runs from Monday 29th March to Monday 5th April.

To help you with your guess/es here are the three clues that have been given throughout the week.

Clue 1: I share my name with a member of the British Royal Family!
Clue 2: I was an author and had two sisters.
Clue 3: I am a spider in a book.

You can enter as many times as you like, just donate £3 per guess and complete the form below.

The winner will be announced on Wednesday 7th April and the prize will be the lamb teddy (as in the picture), an Easter egg and a £10 Tea Room voucher (to use when they are back open from the 14th April.)