ElementSix supports Style Acre

Style Acre is delighted to be supported by ElementSix in Harwell over the coming year.

The team at Element Six applied to their Head Office’s ‘Ambassadors for Good’ programme to secure funding worth £5,000.

The team was successful, and support for the charity includes providing a work placement for Daniel at their offices – watch his video here!  ElementSix  will also provide vegetable trugs in all of the Style Acre houses, so that people supported can grow vegetables and they will spend a volunteer team-day refreshing our Wallingford hub paintwork. There are also funds for a special event later in the year.

The partnership kicked off with the launch of Style Acre’s ‘Ways to Wellness’ campaign, where Element Six staff will volunteered and provided skills. The day was designed to help people supported at the charity, and staff choose healthy lifestyles and include sports, yoga, meditation, a karate demonstration, a walk and stretches.

“We are looking forward to working with Style Acre, kicking off with the well-being day” said Hannah Trimble from Element Six, “as a De Beers Group Company, we were excited to be involved with the pilot of the Ambassador for Good Program. It gives the opportunity to get involved in volunteering and to use and develop our skills and capabilities to support a diverse range of social projects we feel passionate about. Within the Anglo American, De Beers and Element Six group, there are 72 projects linking up with good causes”.

Element Six, with its Global Innovation Centre on the Harwell Campus, is a global leader in the research, design and development of synthetic diamond supermaterials.

Style Acre Fundraiser Anita Powell says: ‘I’m delighted that Element Six has chosen to partner with Style Acre as part of their Ambassadors for Good program. The Element Six team in Harwell, led by Hannah and Ellie, are full of energy and passion for Style Acre. I am looking forward to working closely with the team over the coming months!’