Bowel health & constipation workshops

Bowel health

Style Acre launched our ‘How do you poo?’ workshops today, helping people with learning disabilities understand more about how our bowels work, what constipation is, and how to talk to someone if something doesn’t seem right.

Constipation is common amongst adults with learning disabilities – up to 70% of adults with learning disabilities are affected by it compared to 30% of the general adult population. There are lots of risks associated with constipation, and it can even result in death. It’s a really important topic to talk about and we have made it our mission to bring this topic to life and get conversations about poo going!

We made models of different consistencies of poo, talked about our digestive systems with the help of an interactive apron, and demonstrated impaction with a life-size colon (apron and colon are pictured along with Anna Goodall, Performance and Development Manager and Anita Powell, Wellbeing Manager).

We’ll be visiting our other hubs and houses and asking people ‘How do you poo?’ in various locations over the coming months!