Turnstyle Positive Distancing Resources

Here are some fun resources from our Turnstyle Community Day Hub in Wallingford to help get you (or those you support) through coronavirus lockdown! Click on the link below to view and download the document.

Art & Crafts – Mike’s Masterpieces

  1. Didcot Power Station Jigsaw
  2. Write a Letter
  3. Learn to Draw a Rabbit
  4. Mr MacGregor’s Allotment
  5. Spring Butterfly
  6. Making A Fan
  7. Keep Happy Bookmark
  8. Find the Carrots in Mr MacGrgegor’s Allotment
  9. Mike’s Big Adventure
  10. Bunny Mask
  11. Happy Birthday card
  12. Emoji
  13. Sweets
  14. Antarctic Landscape
  15. Make a Lantern
  16. Bingo Game
  17. Elephant in the River
  18. Faces
  19. Gaynor’s Cakes Memory Game
  20. Musical Snap Cards
  21. On the Seashore
  22. Sailing
  23. Spot the Difference
  24. Sunflower
  25. Under the Apple Tree


  1. Gill’s Music & Dance Playlist
  2. Gilly’s Boogie Classics

Keep an eye on the page for more resources!