Tony Vernon - Chair

My involvement in Style Acre started in 1986 when I came to Wallingford to become a GP in the local practice, which provided medical care for the residents of the house in Brightwell where the charity started. What a happy environment it was. I still know several of the residents who lived there. I was invited to become a trustee after the big house was sold and several supported living houses established in and around Wallingford. As demand increased in the last 20 years for residential care so more houses have been established and the Trustees involvement and support has been a rewarding task to expand and provide for care in a homely, safe environment. Alongside that, day care support for clients who continue to live at home or independently has expanded and I’ve celebrated with other Trustees the additional centres in Didcot and Banbury.

Being a Trustee is about ensuring security for present clients but also responding to the challenge of providing for other people with learning disability or Autism who wish to receive support from Style Acre in a number of ways. I enjoy finding the correct solution for each individual who comes to Style Acre for support, to allow that person to feel cared for but maintain choice and the opportunity to develop in any way they wish. Seeing someone happy, with new friends and activities a few months after becoming part of Style Acre is my aim.

Now retired from General Practice my life is focused around gardening, travel and grandchildren, so never dull.