Chris Ingram

Chief Executive

I joined Style Acre as Chief Executive in October 2015 and can honestly say it’s the best job I have ever had. It is a real privilege to work alongside such a dedicated, enthusiastic and caring group of people. I am passionate about people playing an active part in their community and striving to fulfil their potential in life irrespective of their disability. We all require support through life and I believe that it is important to provide that support in a way that is right for each individual and in a way that gives the person receiving the support the choice, control and dignity that they deserve. I believe Style Acre does this really well.

I have seen many changes in our society and in social care since I started off as a trainee support worker in 1994. Many of those changes have been positive but many have taken too long or haven’t happened at all because of a failure to see the bigger picture and an inability of organisations to work together collaboratively. I am a firm believer in the power of people working together and breaking down unnecessary barriers to enable that to happen, and that is what I will continue to strive for to ensure the lives of the people we support and employ at Style Acre are as full and valued as possible.

Before joining Style Acre my previous social care experience included a variety of support worker and service manager roles until 2006, followed by Director of Operations roles at Look Ahead, Adepta and more recently 8 years at Dimensions.