Feel Fab February!

Feel Fab February!

Style Acre is launching a fun initiative to keep spirits high throughout the cold months ahead! February 2019 is ‘Feel Fab Feb’!

There are lots of ways to ‘feel fab’ – by laughing, spending time with friends, eating healthily, being active and taking care of yourself. We’ve made a calendar with some suggestions for each day, but it’s really up to you what you do to make you feel good.

You can write in what you did each day, or put a tick in the box to show you did something. You could even set yourself a challenge of trying something new on at least ten days in February (or every day!), and ask friends and family to sponsor you.

This is part of our Ways to Wellness initiative, and we’d love everyone to get involved including people we support, staff, volunteers and families. It’s all about having fun and we’d love to see photos of all the new things people are trying to share on our website, newsletter and social media! Please send photos to community@styleacre.org.uk and if you have any questions at all contact Bev Segesdy (bsegesdy@styleacre.org.uk).




Feel Fab Feb - Photo Gallery!

The first day of Feel Fab February and it snowed!!! The cycling activities we had planned at Turnstyle and T2 had to be postponed to later in the month…but building a snowman and having snowball fights with friends can definitely make you feel good – or even sledging!


This lovely photo came from Bev Segesdy. Who else has been having fun in the snow?!


Here’s a photo of Julie Evans arriving at work after a crisp snowy walk! If you look carefully you can just see Evenlode House in the background!


Alice Bennion from Turnstyle and her huskies had a great time in the snow too…


And so did Lisa-Marie Betteridge and her family!


 Not to be deterred by a little bit of snow, the guys up in Banbury started their month of healthy living on the cross trainer! Pictured are Frances, Glenn and Support Manager Katie. Great work!


How cute is this mini snowman, made by Ruth?!



Some super doodling in Banbury for Doodle & Draw day…