Access All Areas – July 2016

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Our annual event hosted by Cornerstone was a huge success this year.

We enjoyed a day of celebration and creative activities, beginning with our weekly Music and Dance session. The day continued with sessions including meditation, painting and ‘fabric fashion’.

Film-maker Sharon Woodwood delivered soap opera drama and video workshops – see the preview here!  Local parkour, dance and movement outfit ‘Steam’ ran workshops in the piazza outside.

The event ended with a fantastic showcase with people we support performing a songs, comedy and dance to an audience of over 70 in Cornerstone’s theatre.

To get a taste of this wonderful community event, watch this superb documentary made by Liam of last years’ event.

Showcase3Showcase1Photo 15-07-2016, 11 00 33Photo 15-07-2016, 11 05 11Photo 15-07-2016, 11 07 04Photo 15-07-2016, 11 07 57Photo 15-07-2016, 13 15 58Photo 15-07-2016, 11 01 12Rachel Knapp Parkour 2