Style Acre opened T2 to support and provide a specialist service for people with mild to moderate learning disabilities or Autism.

Style Acre believed it was vital to provide a service for people with milder disabilities who often have little personal budget and with no-where to go. T2 has been a lifeline to many who, prior to the hub, felt isolated and unable to fill their days meaningfully.  It has enabled vulnerable people to receive much needed support to help them gain skills, confidence, build up their social networks and prepare for the world of work.

T2 is a vibrant, lively community supporting adults from early 20’s to people in their 60’s; there is something for everyone here – including walking and cycling groups, photography, performing arts, karate club, yoga, pottery, computer skills, a men’s group, games and much more.  Many people at T2 are keen to enter the world of work and we support their journey through our work development programme. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer and become part of the local community.

Training for Independence is an important aspect of T2 and considers topics including healthy eating, shopping, cooking skills, budgeting, and travel training vital, as many people aspire to travel independently to T2, to work and socially.

The core hours of the service is 9:00am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday; however, outside of these hours we continue to support people to other community events or activities, such as nightclubs, sporting events, theatre and gigs.  Our walking group regularly meet at weekends and have gone away for overnight trips.

Our impact research suggests people coming to T2 are happier, more confident and more involved than before they came to the hub.  We have been successful in reaching individuals who have little money but lots of potential!


What people at T2 say

T2I come 3 days a week to T2. Before I started at T2 I never really did anything. I stayed home and went shopping and did housework. At T2 I do a yoga class, cooking, a dance and drama class, go to music and dance and do a beauty session. I have started volunteering at Didcot Day Centre, working with the elderly making coffees, teas and laying tables and chatting to the residents and watering the plants. I have learnt to mix with others more. I have learnt to do more things. Coming to T2 lets me do more things and I love it here!”


Exhibition DeanI have helped people to learn different bus routes. They meet me in my village and I teach them where to get on and off the bus to go to different places. I have really enjoyed doing this.